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Author: Grieta

2017 China Open Awarding

Just as everybody was expecting the men’s semi-finals to be closely contested, the opposite happened and both Chang Jung-Lin and Joshua Filler ran out the easiest of winners, with the scores of 11/2 & 11/3 respectively. With both players in great form, the final just had to be a close contest, but again one player was clearly superior. In this case it was the new kid on the block, Joshua Filler of Germany. Most people thought the experience and talent of Chang would have been too much for a youngster like Filler to be able to handle in the...

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The 2017 China Open has reached the concluding stages with only the men’s semi-finals and final remaining as well as the final of the women. The men’s semi-finals ensure that the final will have the same make-up as Taiwan’s Chang Jung-Lin vs Cheng Yu-Hsuan and the other semi-final features German players Thorsten Hohmann and Joshua Filler. In the women’s final, Chen Siming will play against Liu Shasha. Chang has played very well to reach the semis, he defeated world number 1, Ko Pin-Yi, former world champion, Ralf Souquet, and Ko Ping-Chung, Pin-Yi’s younger brother. Cheng has performed equally as...

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2017 China Open

Shanghai, China The 2017 China Open gets underway today here in Shanghai. Players are competing over the next two days in Stage 1 to try and gain a spot in the main draw. With so many good players trying to gain a last minute place, competition will be brutally fierce. Winning a spot in these qualifiers means you have played well enough to have won a regular tournament. On Wednesday, after the final spots have been decided, a draw will be conducted for Stage 2. Defending champions, both Chinese, WU Jiaqing and HAN Yu are among the contestants in...

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Klenti Has Plenty To Celebrate

18 year old High School Student Klenti Kaci Shocks The Pool World By Winning The Aramith Masters At The World Pool Series In New York City. By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer Photos By JP Parmentier/WPS (New York City)–Playing with an almost surreal poise and skill that belies his obvious youth, 18 year old Albanian Klenti Kaci captured the Aramith Masters Championship on Saturday in New York City with a two sets to nil win over the Philippines Carlo Biado, and at the same time laid claim to being the most promising young rising star in pool’s professional ranks. The...

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Cliffhangers Galore–Day 2 Report from the World Pool Series

Ralf Souquet Advances  Via One of 12 Match-Deciding Shootouts As The Aramith Masters Goes Down To The Final 16 By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer Photos By JP Parmentier/WPS (New York City)–One of the unique new features of the World Pool Series is the implementation of the shootout to decide matches that end up tied with one rack left. The idea is to create excitement for fans, as each player is left with just one type of shot to make; 5 tries at a difficult full table cut on the 8-ball. It’s the ultimate pressure shot as players are forced...

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CBSA International 9-Ball Open P... @ Pengzhou Sports Center
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