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WPA Press Release – JINAN, CHINA

JINAN, CHINA (19th Sept 2017) At a recent meeting between the Jinan Sports Bureau, Organizers and WPA Board members, it was confirmed that the Jinan Heritage Classic 8-Ball event will be played in either May or June 2018. The tournament field is 96 men and 48 women. WPA President Ian Anderson said, “It was very disappointing for us that the 2017 event had to be postponed. However, after the Beijing Miyun event was placed on the same dates as Jinan, we were left with no alternative. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to players. But as the world...

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MEDIA RELEASE – Chinese 8-Ball

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is delighted to announce a new development for the promotion of Chinese 8-Ball. An agreement with UK based International Chinese Eight ball Association (ICEA) has been reached and they will act in the future as the official authority for the discipline providing many new opportunities for players worldwide. WPA President Ian Anderson said that it is a great new venture for the WPA. “We have seen the keen interest in recent times with this version of our long established game of 8-Ball, and it has great appeal to not only the traditional pool players,...

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21 August 2017 MEDIA RELEASE CHINA OPEN PRIZE MONEY The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is very concerned over the lateness for payment of prize money to players from the 2017 China Open 9-Ball Championship that ended on 11th May WPA President, Mr Ian Anderson wrote to the CBSA last Tuesday requesting an urgent update on the situation. No reply has been received as yet. He said it is most unfair that players should have to wait so long for their hard earned money, not only is it so far a loss of income, but for many there have been...

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2017 World Games – Men Results

Congratulations to all the players that participated and to the medalists for your outstanding achievement! Gold – Carlo Biodo Silver – Jayson Shaw Bronze – Naoyuki...

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2017 World Games Links

Live Stream: Live Scoring: Tournament Information:...

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