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Sky’s The Limit!– Finals Report From the RYO Rack Classic World Pool Series

American Skyler Woodward steps onto the big stage with the biggest win of his career, beating Darren Appleton to win the RYO Rack Classic at the World Pool Series. By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer Photos By JP Parmentier (New York City)–When pool fans  look back years from now at the career of Skyler Woodward, it will surely be noted that it was precisely in mid-July, 2017 in New York City that the friendly and talented Kentucky native finally stepped onto the big stage in the professional ranks. Playing a beautiful game of fast and care free pool, Woodward,24, captured...

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Klenti Eyes A Repeat–Day 3 Report from the RYO Rack Classic in New York

18 year old Albanian rides a wave of confidence into the semi-finals of the RYO Rack Classic in New York. By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer Photos By JP Parmentier (New York City)–Generational battles will be on full display on Saturday in New York City as the RYO Rack Classic Championship, the third leg of the World Pool Series, comes down to its final day. One semi-final, which has been slated for the Unilad TV table, will feature 18 year old Albania phenom Klenti Kaci squaring off against 24 year old American, Skyler Woodward. In the other semi-final, 37...

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‘The Greatest Clearance Of My Career’–Day 2 Report From RYO Rack Classic in NYC

England’s Chris Melling breaks the  internet as he advances to the Final 16 at the RYO Rack Classic in New York. By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer Photos By JP Parmentier (New York City)–Long time fans of pool already know that England’s Chris Melling is one of the more talented and entertaining players on the pro circuit. Daring, fast, creative and downright clever, when the Englishman is on his game, there is simply no one in pool who is more fun to watch. It’s one reason why he’s been labeled “The Magician.” And on Thursday night on day 2 of...

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Low Expectation Brits Shine Bright On Day 1

Admittedly low on confidence, Karl Boyes and Mark Gray burst out of the gates of the World Pool Series’ RYO Rack Classic in New York. By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer (New York City)–Can a player win a tournament even if they are not playing their best pool? Generally when you have the best pool talent in the world under one roof for four days, the answer is usually a resounding no. But sometimes in pool, those that have the least expectations can do the most damage, especially players that have entered the winner’s circle more than a few...

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2017 China Open Awarding

Just as everybody was expecting the men’s semi-finals to be closely contested, the opposite happened and both Chang Jung-Lin and Joshua Filler ran out the easiest of winners, with the scores of 11/2 & 11/3 respectively. With both players in great form, the final just had to be a close contest, but again one player was clearly superior. In this case it was the new kid on the block, Joshua Filler of Germany. Most people thought the experience and talent of Chang would have been too much for a youngster like Filler to be able to handle in the...

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The 2017 China Open has reached the concluding stages with only the men’s semi-finals and final remaining as well as the final of the women. The men’s semi-finals ensure that the final will have the same make-up as Taiwan’s Chang Jung-Lin vs Cheng Yu-Hsuan and the other semi-final features German players Thorsten Hohmann and Joshua Filler. In the women’s final, Chen Siming will play against Liu Shasha. Chang has played very well to reach the semis, he defeated world number 1, Ko Pin-Yi, former world champion, Ralf Souquet, and Ko Ping-Chung, Pin-Yi’s younger brother. Cheng has performed equally as...

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