WPA Pool | 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship
WPA Pool | 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship

2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship

This magnetic and prestigious event took place at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, PA from March 10 – 13.

The artistic pool playing artists competed in the 8 skilled and varied disciplines of the sport as follows: Trick and Fancy, Prop / Novelty / Special Arts, Draw, Follow, Bank / Kick, Stroke, Jump, and Masse. In addition, a special Sportsmanship medal was presented to one player selected by player vote. (See accompanying results)

This year made history as the players in the semi – finals and finals were filmed for Television in 3-D, which has never been done before. Center City Film and Video did the filming and production for Comcast, and it was absolutely amazing. Helping the film crew, I was fortunate to get a look back stage at the artistic pool shots the players were pulling off for the cameras — awesome!!

You will not believe what you are seeing when you get a look at it for the first time with the balls jumping off the screen and the players moving around the table in special depth perception effects like you have not seen before.

By Sunday the field was reduced to just 4 players with Andy Segal (USA) vs. Gabi Visoiu (Romania) in one semi final match, and Tim Chin (USA) vs. Jamey Gray (USA) in the other semi final match. The final match found Jamey Gray and Andy Segal battling for the WPA World Artistic Pool Championship Title. This head to head shootout started very close, but ¾ of the way through the match, you could tell that Andy was in dead stroke and pulling away. Andy was taking no chances as he finished strong, leaving nothing in question as to who was the 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion.

This was another great artistic pool event for everyone in attendance. The players had a wonderful time and want to thank Allen Hopkins for this opportunity and his hosting this tournament. The sponsors that made it happen were Simonis Cloth, Diamond, Mueller, Runout Sportswear, Crown Cues, and Dr. Cue Promotions. A special thanks also goes out to the WPA Artistic Pool Division and APTSA boards and select player staff for their dedication and effort in making this event a complete success.

For all of you up and coming Artistic Pool players / fans of our sport, please go to the official site for Artistic Pool – APTSA.US. Future Artistic Pool updates, “trick shots and so much more” special features, and all tournament information for the APTSA (Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association) tour initiatives program for 2011 and beyond can be found there.

Mark Dimick
President WPA-Artistic Pool Division

Jim Sommers
Vice-President WPA- APD

Tom Kinzel
Chairman, APTSA Board

1st, 2nd and 3rd winnersRESULTS

Pl. Player Pts
1 Andy “The Magic Man” Segal 268
2 Jamey “Sharp Shooter” Gray 250
3 Tim “The Dragon” Chin 229
4 Gabi ” Mr. Perfect” Visoui 225
5 Nick “Quick Nick” Nikolaidis 220
6 Abram “Too Tall” Diaz 216
7 Florian “Venom” Kohler 196
8 Jamie “The Bayou Bullet” Moody 193
9 Tom “Dr. Cue ” Rossman 214
10 Chris “Trickyshot” Woodrum 210
11 J. R. “Daddy-O” Owens 191
12 Bruce “The Big Guy” Barthelette 187
13 Dave “Triple Jump” Nangle 185
14 Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick 167
15 Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch 165
16 Tom “Too Kool” Kinzel 164
17 Steve “Stellar” Geller 160
18 Gordon “The Wolf” Hedges 159
19 Sebastian “The Matador” Giumelli 157
20 Joe “Jersey Joe” Bonge 153
21 Steve “Triple C” Markle 152
22 Javier “The Polar Bear” Gomez 139
23 Paul “Book’em” Danno 131
24 Jimmy “The General” Glanville 120
25 Gerry “Jersey Gerry” Woodlief 111
26 Bob “T.V. Bob” Neal 111
27 Jim “Coach” Barnard 110
28 Roberto “Chapita” Mendoza 107
29 Jason “My Son” Kane 104
30 Curtis “Red Neck Buddy” Robertson 97
31 Peyton “Almost Perfect” Thomas 93
32 Rocky “Rocko” Haden 77
33 Arkadiy “The Professor” Loshakov 53

discipline winnersDiscipline Champions:

Trick and Fancy Shots
Jeremiah Owens

Prop / Novelty / Special Arts
Andy Segal

Draw Shots
Andy Segal

Follow Shots
Jamey Gray

Bank / Kick Shots
Tom Rossman

Stroke Shots
Abram Diaz

Jump Shots
Tim Chin

Masse Shots
Andy Segal

Sportsmanship Award:

By Player Vote:
Gerry Woodlief

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WPA Pool | 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship