WPA Pool | 2014 World 9-Ball Championships for Juniors
WPA Pool | 2014 World 9-Ball Championships for Juniors

2014 World 9-Ball Championships for Juniors

By Ian Anderson
WPA President

9-ball championship for juniors - venuePlayed over the last four days the event has proved to be a great success. We had 72 players from more than 20 countries participating. There were accolades from all those who attended, saying that they had the best time ever. Everyone has been looked after wonderfully well by the host, the Shanghai Billiard & Snooker Association. While the competition was fierce, there was time for other activities and one of the highlights was the visit to Shanghai Daning International Elementary School by some of the players and their parents. There the junior players (and their parents) became instant superstars with their fans, the 10 – 12 year old students. The motto of the school is “Play Sport and Smile”, and the students certainly lived up to its motto.

GIRL’S FINALLiu Yu Chen (CHN) def Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) 9-3.

With Liu Yu Chen playing so extremely well, is was always going to be hard for our 2012 World Championship Kamila Khodjaeva, but Kamila certainly didn’t get any favours from the run of the balls. It seemed that whenever Liu broke, the balls fell nicely into position, and when Kamila broke, she never seemed to be left with a shot. She also lost control by scratching off the break a couple of times as well. But full marks to Liu, she played extremely well and thoroughly deserved her victory.
BOYS U/17 FINALKong De Jing (CHN) def Jeffrey Roda (PHI) 8-7
Nail biting finish. Just when Kong appeared set for an easy victory, Jeffrey started to claw his way back and levelled the scores at 7-7, and holding the break for the deciding rack. Unfortunately the cue ball found the pocket on the break giving ball-in-hand to Kong. Kong was able to pocket the 1 ball and leave himself a 2-9 combination which he made to earned himself a world championship.
BOYS U/19 FINALAloysius Yapp (SIN) def Hsu Jui An (TPE) 11-10

After a nervous start by both players, it was Hsu who settled best in the early stages establishing a handy 7-3 lead. He had a good chance to make it 8-3, but missed the opportunity and the good running of the balls started to turn the other way. After levelling the match at 8-8, Hsu who broke and ran the rack to lead 9-8. Yapp then won his break, and in turn Hsu won his and Yapp also won his making the scores even at 10-10. In the final rack of the match, Hsu had the break but unfortunately for him he scratched, leaving ball in hand for Yapp. The way the ball were scattered, it was not easy to find a path from the 1 ball to the 2 ball which was at the other end of the table. App missed and after a few safety shots, Hsu got his chance but after making the 2 ball, he ran a fraction too far for position on the 3 ball. He could hit the edge, but that would have meant playing a safety. Instead he attempted a jump shot, but he failed to jump the ball at all giving his opponent another ball in hand. app did not make any mistakes this time an declared up to become world champion.

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WPA Pool | 2014 World 9-Ball Championships for Juniors