WPA Pool | China Open Semi Final
WPA Pool | China Open Semi Final

Aug 28, 2016 | China Open

China Open Semi Final

Men’s 2nd Semi-final

Wu Jiaqing has been in sparkling form throughout the event and has deserved his spot in the final. Wu has been comfortable in all his wins, with only the match against Niels Feijen in the double elimination sector that was at risk, winning 9/8. From there his scores were 11/6 (Denis Grabe), 11/3 (Zeng Zhaodong), 11/5 (Wang Can) and then 11/6 against Ko Pin-Yi. As usual, Ko put in a tremendous effort and another high-end finish in a major tournament. Despite losing a match in the double elimination sector, he qualified for the single elimination stage and convincingly defeated reigning World 9-Ball Champion, Albin Ouschan 11/6, then an easy victory over Jeffrey De Luna 11/3, but then a marathon match against Alex Pagulayan where he won by the barest of margins 11/10. That match may have taken a bit out of his sharpness as he fell to Wu 6/11.

Men’s 1st Semi-final
Cheng Yushuan has won his fourth consecutive match to put him into the final. Amazingly, all his matches have ended with a score of 11/10. That is really testing the nerves. Cheng had to overcome a 0/4 deficit at the start as his opponent Wu Kunlin got away to a quick start. Cheng led 10/9 before Wu won and levelled the scores at 10/10. After an amazing shot on the 2 ball in the deciding rack, Cheng went on to clear up and win the match.

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WPA Pool | China Open Semi Final