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Jinan Event – Message from the WPA President

Jinan Event – Message from the WPA President

Dear All

As you will recall my recent letter to you about Jinan, included was the mention that the WPA has your interest and welfare as the number one priority and I said that we would be back in touch once we had some news to pass on.

I have the news, but with regret it is not the news I was anticipating. Because all matters have not been resolved between the Chinese parties, and unlikely to be resolved, the WPA has decided to withdraw from having any involvement with the Jinan 8-Ball Masters, as we believe it is most unlikely to proceed on the dates that are advertised.

⇑Therefore our advice to you is not to make any plans to attend this event. Hopefully we may be able to look at something in the future with Jinan as they were very keen to host an international event, but I’m afraid not this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment that may have been caused, but unfortunately these things happen from time to time.

With best regards

Ian Anderson
WPA President

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