WPA Pool | THE MALDIVES OPEN 22-26 April 2023
WPA Pool | THE MALDIVES OPEN 22-26 April 2023

Apr 7, 2023 | Maldives Open

THE MALDIVES OPEN 22-26 April 2023

After securing the endorsement from both WPA and ACBS, the Maldives pool tournament is now the Maldives Open 22-26 April 2023! This Championship is now a 10-Ball invitational event and offers the WPA World-Ranking points as well as new Asian-Ranking points!

This Championship is organized by the Maldives Pool Billiard Association (MPBA) and supported by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment. The Minister, Mr. Ahmed Mahloof quote, “We are very happy to support this event organized by the MPBA. This is the very first Pool Championship here that has the participation of top billiard athletes from all over the world, coming in to this beautiful island in South Asia”.

“This Championship now has the support of the WPA and the ACBS, offering World-Ranking and Asian-Ranking points respectively. We believe this will attract more participation and we hope to organize this as an annual event to bring in more athletes to this amazing island destination”, said the Minister.

“With WPA and ACBS assistance to secure Predator as the main event partner, this partnership will give the Championship an additional mileage and exposure. Given the popularity of the Predator brand and its on-going tournament series, we hope Predator will make Maldives as one of the coming legs for their International Championship, upgrading the level to a professional status”, quote Mr. Ahmed Nasif, the President of MPBA.

He continued, “This event is now a 10-Ball Invitational Open event and is part of the new ’Asian 10-Ball Tour’ series. Maldives Open 2023 will take-off as the inaugural event for the Asian Pool Tour”.

This Championship will be the first event to showcase the beautiful island of Maldives, also known as the land of ’Sun, Sea and Sand’. With its beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and fascinating underwater marine life, the Maldives Open has so much more to offer than just a tournament!

So, come and join us and be amazed by this beautiful, tranquil and unexplored island of the South Asia!

See you soon in Maldives!

For more information to the tournament, kindly contact:

Mr. Melvin Chia:
Mobile/WhatsApp: +6012 386 8772 Email: melvin.c@wpapool.com

MALDIVES – Situated in middle of the Indian Ocean at the southwest of Sri Lanka and India, Maldives comprises of 1,190 coral islands forming an archipelago of 26 atolls

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is the international governing body for pocket billiards.

The Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports (ACBS) is the Billiard Sports governing body for Asia

The Maldives Pool and Billiard Association (MPBA) is the governing body for Billiard Sports in Maldives

PREDATOR – Predator is a popular Billiard Sports equipment provider and an international tournaments organizer and promoter

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WPA Pool | THE MALDIVES OPEN 22-26 April 2023