Tournament Sanctioning

I – Introduction:

The following provides information regarding the requirements, procedures and benefits of an event receiving sanction by the World Pool-Billiard Association (hereinafter referred to as the WPA).

II – Categories:

During any year there are many tournaments organised in the world of pool billiards. There are continental federations and/or the members of these federations who organise tournaments, but overall the majority of the tournaments are organised by promoters. Of course there is a substantial difference in significance between these tournaments. To reach a clear overview, tournaments are subdivided in the following categories:

A.World Championships
B.Qualifying tournaments for World Championships
C.Ranking events
D.Open tournaments

III – When does a tournament need to be sanctioned:

Sanctioning is required when an event will include players from other intercontinental memberships that make up a minimum of eight players, or one-eight of the field, or has an added prize fund on offer in excess of USD 25,000.

Categories A and B

These tournaments are always assigned by the WPA and therefore sanctioning is automatic and mandatory.

Category C

Ranking events have four categories, 1, 2, 3 & 4:

Category 1 – World Championships, minimum 32 players and minimum added prize money is $100,000
Category 2 – Events with a minimum of 32 players and offering $75,000 or more in added prize money
Category 3 – Events with a minimum of 32 players and offering between $50,000 and $75,000 of added prize money
Category 4 – Events with a minimum of 32 players and offering between $25,000 and $50,000 of added prize money

Category D

Open and Invitational events the following criteria determines any requirements:-

a) the amount of added prize money being paid. (refer point III)
b) 1/8 part of the participant field must come from two or more continents.

IV – Entry & Sanction fees:

Single entry events will be subject to an entry fee. This fee is not added to the prize fund. The amount of the entry fee will be determined by the Executive Board. Team events, events that already attract an entry fee, or other events so decided by the Executive Board will be subject to a sanction fee. The total cost of sanctioning is negotiated between the WPA and organiser, but will not be less than 7.5% of total added money in all categories. There are no fees applied to any entry fee money that is added to the prize fund.

V – Procedure:

Upon receipt of an application, the Secretary will:-

a. Review the requested date in consultation with the Sports Director.
b. The Sports Director will either approve or reject and suggest alternative dates.
c. The Secretary will allocate the tournament with an event sanction number.
d. The Secretary will then inform the applicant of the following:-

i. Confirm the dates that are approved.
ii. The category in which the event will be classified.
iii. What the total sanction costs are.
iv. What terms or payments they shall be expected to pay.
v. Request completion of Sanctioning Form.


For all new organisers, the prize fund must be secured in escrow no less than forty-five days prior to the commencement date of the main event. This procedure will apply to all new organisers/promoters. It will also apply to any organiser/promoter who hasn’t met his prize money payouts within a reasonable time period after the tournament has ended.

If the funds have not been secured in escrow within the time period, the WPA is obligated to advise the players of the situation.

Once the above is confirmed, the organiser will provide to the WPA Secretary all relevant details of the event, including:

i. Official name of the event.
ii. Name and contact details of the organiser, including postal address, telephone/fax numbers and email address.
iii. Name and contact details of any appointed event manager, including postal address, telephone/fax numbers and email address.
iv. Any payments that have been made to the WPA.

After the WPA has issued the invoice:-

a. The WPA Secretary asks the Sports Director to place the tournament on the WPA Sports Calendar.
b. The Secretary will send a WPA logo to the organiser for use with tournament related promotional/advertising purposes.
c. The Secretary will request the WPA Treasurer to advise when any payments have been made and accepted.


Where it is required for tax to be deducted from a player’s purse, tax certificates must be issued to players. No certificate, no deduction. This point must also be included in any event information that is given to the players.


All relevant information regarding the event must be available for our members to distribute to its players no less than sixty days prior to the event commencing. If players are required to sign entry forms or such, all the rules and conditions that go together with these forms must be distributed as early as possible, but no later than forty-five days prior to the commencement, and shall be completed and returned to the organiser no less than thirty days prior to the commencement of the event.

VI What benefits does the organiser receive from his sanction:

This depends on the height of the sanction amount and the importance of the tournament. The following items will be offered to the organiser. One is free to use these items.

Category A, C & D

1. The date will be reserved and must be respected by the WPA members.
2. (Category A) A WPA representative is present. He arrives 2 days before the event and leaves 1 day after the event (the accommodation costs will be paid by the organiser). His main task is to support the organisation and the participants.
3. The WPA representative is at the venue for technical support.
4. The event information is distributed by the WPA and its members.
5. The use of the WPA logo for publicity purposes is allowed.
6. Points are awarded for the world ranking.
7. The WPA makes the medals available. (Category A)
8. For Category A events only: if requested, referees can be provided. The costs will be divided between three partners: the organiser, the WPA and the continental federation which is supplying the referee(s).

Category B

1. The information, including invitations if requested, is distributed by the WPA throughout its membership.
2. The use of the WPA logo/emblem for publicity purposes is allowed.

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