WPA Pool | WPA Board Changes
WPA Pool | WPA Board Changes

Nov 16, 2019 | News

WPA Board Changes

At the recent WPA Board meeting held in Frankfurt, the letter of resignation from Vice President Skip Nemecek was tabled and accepted. President Ian Anderson said, “the losing of someone with the knowledge and expertise that Skip had brought to the WPA will be sadly missed”. He added, “Skip’s support and opinion for any matter was always given totally unbiased and well thought through. He was always great for a phone call to discuss any topic and was always generous with his time. I can certainly understand and support his decision to step back to devote more time to other matters, and I will miss the open opportunity to converse whenever needed that I’ve enjoyed for so long. I wish him every success for the future and will continue to enjoy the great friendship that we have built up over recent years.”

The WPA is pleased to announce new appointments to the Board, Javiera Rivera and Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan. Their presence and input will be greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly be beneficial in particular when dealing with matters concerning women and we all look forward to working with them. Their appointment will also help with the desire of the IOC with its image push for more gender balance within the administration of sport.

Ian Anderson

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WPA Pool | WPA Board Changes