World Team Trophy (WTT)

World Team Trophy (WTT)

The inaugural World Team Trophy (WTT) will take place in Roissy-en-France, near Paris, 11&12 March.

In their common quest for the Olympic Dream, WCBS, FFB and Billiards 2024 keep up their effort and launch this first-ever competition with a new format.

The same number of women and men from all over the World (19 nations) will compete simultaneously in Carom, Pool and Snooker in a team competition.

WCBS is very happy to announce the new partnership with Olympic Channel that will allow a live broadcast of 8 matches, more than 12 hours, on this prestigious network that reaches more than 95% of the world :

All details on :



Monday 11th March

Tuesday 12th March


Monday 11th March

13:00 Europe – Asia Men

14:30 France – Rest of World Men

16:00 France – Rest of World Women

17h30 Europe – Asia Women

Tuesday 12th March

10h30 Rest of World – Europe Women

12h00 France – Asia Women

13h30 Rest of World – Europe Men

15h00 France – Asia Men

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