WPA Pool | Chinese Teenager wins Philippine Open Women 's Event
WPA Pool | Chinese Teenager wins Philippine Open Women 's Event

Apr 11, 2011 | Philippine Open

Chinese Teenager wins Philippine Open Women ‘s Event

winnerShe proved it on Monday’s women finals as she beat veteran Kelly Fisher of Great Britain, 9-3 at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong.

The 17-year-old won all her six matches over Reggie Gregorio, Line Kjorsvik, reigning World Women’s 10-Ball champion Jasmin Ouschan of Austria, Lim Yun Mi of Korea, former Amway World Championship Lin Yuan Chun of Chinese Taipei and Fisher.

“I never expected to win this event, especially ending my campaign with a perfect record. My mindset is just to play my best every game because it’s basically a strong field,” said Chen thru Filipino-Chinese interpreter Joyren Ting.

Chen broke free from a tight battle right from the eighth rack. She had a series of run-outs then came up with a safety shot in the 12th rack to cover the No. 6.

There, she put Fisher, a former US Open champion, in a tight position. The Briton opted to take a bank shot but the cue ball failed to hit the No.6. That allowed Chen to get back to the table and wrap up the match.

Chen, who started playing the sport at the age of eight, considers playing 10-Ball more exciting than snooker.

“It’s because there are more competitive players joining in the 10-Ball event,” said Chen’s interpreter.

A protégé of former teenage sensation and double world champion Wu Chia Ching, Chen Siming wants to continue his winning legacy. She plans to compete in the World Women’s 10-Ball event and seeks to join compatriot Liu Sia Sia and her master Wu as a teenage world champion.

“Liu Sia Sia won the championship when she was 16 while Wu Chia-Ching won when he was 17. Chen wants to join the company of teenage champions,” said Chen’s interpreter.

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WPA Pool | Chinese Teenager wins Philippine Open Women 's Event