WPA Pool | Earl Strickland Playing in W8BC
WPA Pool | Earl Strickland Playing in W8BC

Feb 12, 2011 | World 8-Ball Champs - Men

Earl Strickland Playing in W8BC

Earl, the incomparable ‘Pearl’, Strickland has announced his intentions to pay in the World 8-Ball CHampionships in Fujairah this month. Strickland appears to be back to his old form after winning the $50,000 Steve Mizerak Championship in Florida in November and now sitting in the number 2 slot for the Race to the Mosconi Cup competition as hosted by Matchroom Sport of London.

Strickland attributes his resurgence as a tournament player to a grueling fitness regimen that has him running several miles each day and doing sit-ups and other exercises to completely tone and prepare him for battle.

Strickland won the very first two WPA World 9-Ball Championships in 1992 and 1993 (Robin Bell won both years in the Women’s Division) and then again in 2002. He is the only man to win more than two US Open titles and he owns five of them. Always a fan favorite, Strickland creates standing-room only crowds wherever he plays.

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WPA Pool | Earl Strickland Playing in W8BC