Fred Dinsmore – 2017 World 9-Ball Wheelchair Champion!!

Fred Dinsmore – 2017 World 9-Ball Wheelchair Champion!!

Kurt Deklerck 2. (BEL), Fred Dinsmore 1. (IRL), Roy Kimberley 3. (GBR), Daniel Lee 3. (GBR)

With an outstanding performance, Fred Dinsmore (IRL) won the 2017 Wheelchair 9-ball World Championship!!

The Semi-final results were as follows:

Kurt Deklerck (BEL) – Daniel Lee (GBR 9-6
Roy Kimberley (GBR) – Fred Dinsmore (IRL) 4-9

The Final:

Kurt Deklerck (BEL) – Fred Dinsmore (IRL) 4-9

A message from Fred Dinsmore:

“I was very lucky to win because the start of the event was dicy for me. I was nervous, but fortunately my confidence grew when I started pocketing some difficult shots to perfection. I´m very happy to win this title for the 3rd time. It was not easy because I faced top players like Henrik Larsson (SWE),  Jouni Tähti (FIN) and Kurt Deklerck (BEL). I also did not believe I would win because I was not well before tournament, so this is a great victory for me and I feel very happy”




The Final results were as follows:

  1. Fred Dinsmore (IRL)
  2. Kurt Deklerck (BEL)
  3. Roy Kimberley (GBR)
  4. Daniel Lee (GBR)
  5. Henrik Larsson (SWE)
  6. Anthony Southern (GBR)
  7. Jouni Tähti (FIN)
  8. Matt Duffy (GBR)
  9. Harald Fink (AUT)
  10. Robert Calderon (USA)
  11. Wei Te Cheng (TPE)
  12. Kim-Ronny Nygård (NOR)
  13. Mark Jones (USA)
  14. Danijel Savic (AUT)
  15. Emil Malanowski (POL)
  16. Leszek Blumczynski (POL)


Photo gallery finals

Congratulations to all participants!

Well done to the Finnish Billiard Federation for a very successful event and thank you to Tero Kaivonen for the wonderful photo’s shared during the event!

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