WPA Players Championship

(12 – 19 April, 2019)

STAGE 1 ENTRY Press Release | 07/01/2019

 N.B.    This event will be conducted according to the current WPA 9-Ball Rules, alternate break and three-ball break rule applies.

This is a Category 3 Ranking Event


Griff’s Bar & Billiards
3650 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Stage 1     QUALIFIERS (16 places)

12 – 15 APRIL 2019

Stage 1 PLAYERS MEETING will be at Griff’s Bar & Billiards on 11 April 2019 at 8pm

Single elimination, race to 5, alternate break
Entry fee:       $250 for all four days, or $100 per day
(winners have free entry to main draw)

The number of spots for qualifiers will be limited to 96 each day, on a first come basis.

Top four players will qualify each day



16 – 19 APRIL 2019

Stage 2 PLAYERS MEETING will be at Griff’s Bar & Billiards on 15 April 2019 at 8pm. It is compulsory for all stage 2 participants to attend the Stage 2 players meeting.

Entry fee:       $250, plus $25 green fee

64 players commence in first round, single elimination. Winners go to Round 2 and losers enter Consolation Event.
The 48 Stage 2 players (16 top ranked players and member allocated players) must pay their $250 entry, plus $25 green fee in cash at the venue before the start of the tournament.

Stage 2:        MAIN DRAW

64 players, single elimination, alternate break,race to 7, race to 9 for semi final and final. All matches win by 2 racks, or continue until it happens. At 9/9, (or 11/11 for semi final and final), one rack sudden death, lag for break


race to 5, race to 7 for semi final and final, alternate break


16       WPA rankings
8       APBU
8       EPBF
6       BCA
4       CPB
2       AAPA
2       OPBA
2       WPA wildcards
16      Qualifiers
Total         64


Tables:           Diamond
Balls:              Cyclop
Cloth:             Andy 988
Rack:              Normal rack (no magic rack)

All players must hold 2019 WPA Player License, and main draw player’s entry fees must be guaranteed by nominating member.

Any cancellation after 2ndApril, player will be penalised the cost of entry.
Cancelled spots will be returned to WPA.


There is no official hotel; players are free to make their own arrangements.

Table Partner
:  Diamond Tables
Ball Partner: Cyclop Balls
Cloth Partner:  Andy Cloth
Cue Partner: Predator Cues
Tip Partner: HOW Tips
Chalk Partner: Master Chalk


Tournament Director           Ishaun Singh WPA Sports Director


The Players Championship will be conducted according to the official WPA Rules and Regulations.
A normal triangle shape rack will be used for racking, not the magic rack.
The balls will be racked with the 1 ball on the spot
The “3 ball rule” will apply.


A 40 second shot clock will be used for all matches in the Main Draw for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. Shot clock will apply for the Consolation Event for the semi-finals and final. No shot clock on final hill-hill rack.

If deemed necessary, the Tournament director can initiate a shot clock at any time in any match. 


Shirt must either be a long sleeve shirt and button-down vest or a regular collared shirt or polo shirt of any color. Shirt or polo shirt must be tucked in. It must be in a good condition and clean. No T-shirts are allowed. The shirt must have at least a short sleeve.

Pants must be a formal dress pants which must be clean and in good condition and may be of any color. Denim/blue jeans of any color are forbidden.

Shoes must be elegant dress shoes that fit in the outfit. Sneakers and sandals are not allowed. Sports shoes with a dark top of leather or leather-like material are allowed but are subject to the tournament director’s discretion.


Main Event                                            Consolation Event

1          10,000                                               1          1,500
2            7,000                                               2          1,000
3-4        5,000                                               3-4        500
5-8        3,000                                               5-8        250
9-16      1,500                                               9-16       150
17-32     400                                               17-32     nil

Press Release | 07/01/2019 ENTER STAGE 1

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