WPA Pool | 2019 Artistic World Championship
WPA Pool | 2019 Artistic World Championship

2019 Artistic World Championship



February 21st – 23rd, 2020

WPA Ranked Players / OPEN WC Invitation (Per WPA Approved Quota and Venue / Event Guidelines):

BCA – 10

EPBF – 6

APBU – 2

OPBA – 2

PBC – 2


2017 WPA World Champion

Note: Quota allowances for the 2019 WC event per each federation above will be filled by the WPA approved “artistic pool” World Rankings as of September 23, 2019, which are available for review at: (See chart below for original player invites)

If there are not enough players listed on the World Rankings list from a specific federation to fill their continental quota limit, then, any player(s) wanting to play…or any federation with interested player(s)…may submit their name(s) to a “waiting list”. (See list below)

SPECIAL NOTE: Since the APBU and the OPBU do not have any players on the World Ranking list, each federation will be given two “appointment” spots in the first stage of the player invite process. The AAPA and EPBF will be given one player “appointment” spot in the first invite stage. (See list in chart below)

Invitation Note: All of these quotas will be filled by invitation first then “open” invitation.

Invitation guidelines (Open WC event):

Email Brian Pauley for Artistic Pool World Wide Tournament Rules Document and Artistic Pool World Wide / WPA APD Players Agreement – Jedipoolshark23@yahoo.com

  1. A) PHASE 1 – Initial Invitation Eligibility (09/23/2019 thru 10/20/2019)

BCA – 10 players from WPA World Rankings

EPBF – 4 players from WPA World Rankings and 3 open invitation

PBC – 2 players from WPA World Rankings

APBU – 2 open invitations

AAPA – 1 player from WPA World Rankings and 1 open invitation

OPBA – 2 open invitations

2018 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion


Special Note: The number in the left column of the list does not imply the ranking position of the individual listed next to it. It is intended only as a reference number for players invited in the 1st phase.

Federations should use the following chart to notify players eligible in first phase of invitation/entry process for the 2019 WC Open event.

Invited Players (WC Open Event)

2018 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion (Guaranteed invitation): Gabi Visoiu

1 William DeYonker BCA 2019 WC Invitation
2 Jason Lynch BCA 2019 WC Invitation
3 Mark Dimick BCA 2019 WC Invitation
4 Brian Pauley BCA 2019 WC Invitation
5 Jamie Moody BCA 2019 WC Invitation
6 Ron Percefull BCA 2019 WC Invitation
7 Stacy Mendrick BCA 2019 WC Invitation
8 Andrew Sozio BCA 2018 WC Invitation
9 Marty Carey BCA 2019 WC Invitation
10 Troy Garten BCA 2019 WC Invitation
11 Lucasz Szywala EPBF 2019 WC Invitation
12 Gabi Visoiu EPBF 2019 WC Invitation
13 Adam Nickels EPBF 2019 WC Invitation
14 Florian Kohler EPBF 2019 WC Invitation
15   EPBF 2019 WC Invitation (Open)
16   EPBF 2019 WC Invitation (Open)
17 Sebastian Giumelli PBC 2019 WC Invitation
18 Abram Diaz PBC 2019 WC Invitation
19 Nkoyoyo Edirisa AAPA 2019 WC Invitation
20   AAPA 2019 WC Invitation
21 Chi-Ming Lin APBU 2019 WC Invitation (Open)
22 Wang Mengnan APBU 2019 WC Invitation (Open)
23   OPBA 2019 WC Invitation
24   OPBA 2019 WC Invitation

NOTE: Deadline for player acceptance during this Phase 1 invitational process is October 20, 2019

October 20, 2019 forward 2nd Phase – Players sign up by sending in their intent to enter.

The remaining openings will be filled via an “open” invite:

Any player on the WPA World Ranking list not getting an original invite will be placed in order of rank onto the confirmed players list.

Any player not on the WPA World Ranking list will be placed in order of signup.

SPECIAL NOTE: To be placed on the WC players list, players and/or federations should contact Brian Pauley at your earliest convenience:

Email: Jedipoolshark23@yahoo.com Phone: 937.527.9924

Invited players in Phase 1 must email his or her signed copy of the Entry form and players agreement to Brian Pauley no later than 10/20/2019.

Phase 1 Note: If email is not received from invited players in Phase 1 by the deadline date of 10/20/2019, he or she will not be placed on the confirmed players list.


Players must fax his or her signed copy of the entry form and players agreement to Brian Pauley within 1 week of his or her “intent to enter”.

Federation announcements of Phase 1 players accepting should send “intent to enter” to:

Brian Pauley: Jedipoolshark23@yahoo.com

Copy To: Jim Sommer: jimsommer@me.com


September 23, 2019 to October 20, 2019 – Announce players of Phase 1

October 20, 2019 forward Phase 2 – Players sign up by sending in their intent to enter.

February 14, 2020 is the deadline for all entries to be sent in.

Cancelations / Withdrawal from WC:

A full refund of paid entry fee may be received before January 25, 2020.

After January 25, 2020 75% of paid entry fees will be returned upon written request submitted to WPA APD Board.

Mandatory Player’s Meeting: February 21, 2020 (Exact time to be decided).

Practice: Reviewed at players meeting

More information to follow.

2018 WPA World “Artistic Pool “Championship Shot / Challenge Program is available. For an approved copy of the 2018 WPA World “Artistic Pool” Championship Shot / Challenge Program, please email Brian Pauley.


40 shots / challenges chosen for WC from the 120 shot / challenge program

WPA / WPA APD 8 Disciplines for Artistic Pool will be used.

WC event players will shoot 5 shots / challenges (all DOD levels) from each discipline as follows:

Shot / Challenge #1; Shot / Challenge #2; Shot / Challenge #3; Shot / Challenge #4; and Shot / Challenge #5

Each shot / challenge # will have 3 individual shots / challenges to choose from – A, B or C.

In other words:

Each discipline will have:

Shot / challenge #1 —– choice A, B or C.

Shot / challenge #2 —– choice A, B or C.

Shot / challenge #3 —– choice A, B or C.

Shot / challenge #4 —– choice A, B or C.

Shot / challenge #5 —– choice A, B or C.

The 40 shots / challenges done by each WC player will determine whether they move on to the playoff rounds.

Playoff rounds: 8 to 12 players will go into playoff rounds which will be a head to head play off.

Head to Head format will be included with the shot program information.

Venue Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Venue Contact: Christopher C. Wilson

Entry Fees: $350.00 for World Championship (Entries Fees must be sent to Artistic Pool WorldWide, payable by Money Order or PayPal account by February 14, 2019)

Prize Fund/Awards:

  • The League Room is adding $5000 to WC
  • Any Additional added money will be announced as it is confirmed

Note: Federal taxes may be withheld depending on the player’s country of residence and the amount that the player may receive.

  • WPA will provide medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finish.
  • Artistic Pool WorldWide LLC will provide discipline awards and sportsmanship award.


  • 9’ Diamond Tables.
  • Champions Tour Cloth
  • Aramith Pro Cup Cue TV Balls

Dress Requirements:

  • The recommended wear for any world championship is tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt(long sleeve), dress shoes, dress socks, bow tie, and a tuxedo vest
  • No caps / hats or tennis / sneaker type shoes are allowed, except for medical

reasons – requests for this must be submitted / approved by APD by December 31, 2019

  • Players have the option of replacing the tuxedo pants with any color dress slacks
  • Players have the option of replacing the tuxedo shirt with a dress shirt(long sleeve). A bow tie or matching tie is optional
  • Vests are required to be worn during competition and for awards ceremony.
  • Any exemptions or changes to the dress requirements must be approved and confirmed by e-mail no later than December 31, 2019.
  • All questions on dress requirements should be sent to WPA APD president.

Sponsor Logos and Patches and General League Guidelines:

  • Players will be entitled to wear approved logos on his or her playing apparel at the event. Each logo must not exceed 3″ x 2″ or 6 square inches. The player shall submit to WPA APD / Artistic Pool WorldWide any questions concerning logo or sponsor patches before December 31, 2019 for approval. The WPA APD Will have full authority to disallow any player or player sponsor logos should they not comply with the policy or conflict with any sponsor or broadcaster of the event.


In order to play in the 2019 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship all players must review and sign, then send the signed players agreement to Brian Pauley WPA APD president via email or physical mail.

332 Clifton Road

South Charleston, Ohio 45368 USA

Full WPA APD Players Agreement and entry forms are available by email

****Event Programs***

If an event program is done, we will need player’s bio information and photo by email attachment no later than January 15, 2020. The promoter will not be responsible for late submissions.

Submission email: jedipoolshark23@yahoo.com

Video and Photo Rights / Waiver of Liability:

By participating in the 2019 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship, I have read and agree to abide by the following and all rules and regulations for this tournament entry and all other regulations implemented by Artistic Pool World Wide LLC. Artistic Pool World Wide LLC has the right to determine a player’s eligibility or to refuse entry.

Event completion times are approximate. Artistic Pool World Wide LLC may refuse entry if fields are full, field sizes are subject to change. Artistic Pool World Wide LLC has the right to change any / all schedules and payouts based on, but not limited to inclement weather, acts of God, or terrorism. Artistic Pool World Wide LLC , and all event representatives, agents, sponsors and affiliates are released and to be held harmless of and from any injury, illness, losses, damages, liability or expenses of any kind accrued by me, my heirs, or personal representatives either caused or alleged to be caused during or surrounding this event. Disqualification from any Artistic Pool World Wide LLC event for unsportsmanlike conduct shall result in forfeiture of any prize money or award won by that player with possible suspension from all Artistic Pool World Wide LLC produced events. Artistic Pool World Wide LLC and / or WPA APD may use my photograph, image, likeness, or name for information, reporting or promotional purposes via print, video and other media.

Championship Direction and Event Coordination provided by:

WPA Artistic Pool Division (WPA APD)
Volunteer Staff and Players

Thank you for your consideration on sending your players to this prestigious event.

Brian Pauley, President

WPA Artistic Pool Division

Artistic Pool World Wide LLC

Airport Information

The closest international airport is the John Glenn International Airport in Columbus Ohio (115 miles)

Hotel Information

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Parkersburg-Mineral Wells

$96/night 8.1 miles from venue

Wingate by Wyndham Vienna/Parkersburg

$100/night 3.2 miles from venue

Hampton Inn & Suites Parkersburg Downtown

$111/night 1.4 miles from venue

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Parkersburg East

$98/night 4.8 miles from venue

Hampton Inn Parkersburg Mineral Wells

$88/night 8.1 miles from venue

Red Roof Inn Parkersburg

$85/night 2.9 miles from venue

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