WPA Pool | EDWARD CHARLTON - 30 August 1953 - 24 February 2024
WPA Pool | EDWARD CHARLTON - 30 August 1953 - 24 February 2024

Mar 3, 2024 | News

EDWARD CHARLTON – 30 August 1953 – 24 February 2024

WPA Pool | EDWARD CHARLTON - 30 August 1953 - 24 February 2024Edward Charlton, eldest son of legendary Eddie Charlton passed away Saturday, 24 February 2024 in Cessnock Hospital. Edward followed his father into the billiards industry. Early on, he tried his hand as a professional player but after some years of perseverance gave that away to concentrate on a retail and service billiards business he took over from his uncle, Jim Charlton. Based in Belmont, Newcastle, Edward spent many years there servicing the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

When American style pool was introduced into Australia around 1990, Edward was quick to get involved and assisted the new national body by forming the Hunter Pool Association representing the Newcastle Districts. It seems he had found a new passion, and enough enthusiasm to get involved with playing again. Not many years after during the mid 90’s, Edward established a new national body known as the APPF (Australian Pool Players Federation) to replace the floundering one that had been originally put in place. The APPF was accepted by the world governing body (WPA) as the new governing body to represent Australia in their membership. Edward was elected as President and remained in that position until stepping down in 2006.

Edward’s contribution and support to his much loved sport was invaluable, always ready to assist wherever he could. Australia hosted the World Championship for Juniors in Adelaide in 2004 and Sydney in 2006. He was very much a key player in making this happen and for it to have been the success it was. He was responsible for countless tournaments in his own region, organised and hosted national championships not only in his own area, but in others as well. Edward was an affable character, well liked and highly respected by everyone he came in contact with.

Sadly poor health struck him in recent years which prevented him from continuing with the type of lifestyle he so much enjoyed of travelling all over Australia. Former WPA President Ian Anderson said that losing Edward is the same to him as losing a brother. Anderson said, “we had been the closest of friends for more years than I care to remember, and I am deeply saddened of the news. I will miss my almost daily phone calls to him trying to distract his attention away from his terrible health issues he was enduring”.

Edward is survived by his wife Angie, two daughters and two step daughters.

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WPA Pool | EDWARD CHARLTON - 30 August 1953 - 24 February 2024