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I feel so honoured to be asked to write a few lines for our special friend. Molrudee was born 22nd February 1979, meaning she was just 43 years old when her journey through life came to an end, way, way too early.

Molrudee was a trusted friend, someone who always appeared bright and happy, possessing a great sense of humour. She was charitable toward others, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Her social passion was our beloved sport of Pool. It was here that she was always in her comfort zone, loved hanging around with colleagues playing and talking about the game. She was quite an accomplished player herself with a very impressive playing record.

Among her many achievements was winning no less than 24 Championships in New Zealand and represented her country twice at the World Games, 2017 and 2022.

Through her career she had competed in all of the WPA World Championship and major Ranking events includingAmway Cups, China Opens and in 2019 she won the BCA World 8-Ball Championship in Las Vegas, a very impressive record indeed.

When not participating in competition she conducted a Billiards business in Auckland and contributed greatly to thesport in New Zealand by encouraging others and selflessly sponsoring both junior and senior players.

She was held in high regard by her peers, many of whom have expressed their feelings over social media. I am sending this message from Klagenfurt, Austria, where Molrudee was meant to be playing in the women’s World 10-BallChampionship. At the Opening, a minute’s silence was taken as a mark of respect for our much-loved colleague. Her absence from future events will be sadly missed.

Her other passion of course was beautiful Liam. It is impossible to say in words that could possibly justify or express the way that everyone feels of the situation that is now created. All our thoughts, love and care are given to Liam, and we know he will be well taken care of by those left behind.

From a personal side, I was very fond of Molrudee, who couldn’t be? I always enjoyed her company and thought so highly of her, her talent and acumen, I invited Molrudee to join the Board of Directors of the World Pool Association. Her nomination was duly accepted unanimously, and she served on our Board for more than two years contributing as a Board member while never shirking from her duties and responsibility. She became very popular with her colleagues on the Board and we all share in her mourning. I for one will sorely miss our frequent chats over WhatsApp.

From all the Billiard world, we say farewell, bon voyage, and wish her well on her next journey, God bless her.

Ian Anderson
WPA President

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