WPA Pool | WPA Press Release - JINAN, CHINA
WPA Pool | WPA Press Release - JINAN, CHINA

Sep 19, 2017 | News

WPA Press Release – JINAN, CHINA


(19th Sept 2017) At a recent meeting between the Jinan Sports Bureau, Organizers and WPA Board members, it was confirmed that the Jinan Heritage Classic 8-Ball event will be played in either May or June 2018. The tournament field is 96 men and 48 women.

WPA President Ian Anderson said, “It was very disappointing for us that the 2017 event had to be postponed. However, after the Beijing Miyun event was placed on the same dates as Jinan, we were left with no alternative. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to players. But as the world pool governing body, WPA is responsible for the sport and therefore the benefits for players. As such, we demand a high level of execution upon sanctioning a world class event.”

The Jinan 8-ball event is now officially on the WPA world competition calendar, and WPA shall allocate invitations to its members for players to attend.

“We hope this will serve as an alert local organizers to avoid clashes with world events. Local organizers should always double check the world competition calendar should they decide to invite international players for friendly or exhibition matches,” added Mr. Anderson.

All information relating to world pool events is available on the WPA official website : www.wpapool.com


Prepared and issued by WPA. For further questions, please contact : info@wpapool.com

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WPA Pool | WPA Press Release - JINAN, CHINA