WPA Pool | Barry Jenner replaces Shane Tyree on the WCBS board.
WPA Pool | Barry Jenner replaces Shane Tyree on the WCBS board.

Mar 6, 2024 | News

Barry Jenner replaces Shane Tyree on the WCBS board.

As you may already be aware of, each one of the three main divisions under the World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS – Carom, Pool and Snooker), do have three representatives each on its Board of Directors. Yesterday the WPA announced to the WCBS that it is replacing one of its representatives effective immediately.

WPA has been represented by Ian Anderson (Vice President), Shane Tyree (board member) and Marcin Krzeminski (Anti-Doping Director) ever since the delayed World Games in Birmingham 2022. However, Mr. Tyree has decided that his job as the CEO of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA), as well as a member of the WPA Board of Directors, where he is serving as both Vice President and Sports Director, is more than enough to handle.

He is therefore more than just grateful when the WPA now has found a replacement for him on the WCBS board. “This will give me more time to continue my work on expanding the North American continent beyond its two long standing members representing Canada and the United States. North America consists of in all 23 countries, and we must do whatever is needed to have our continent better represented in the world of Pool.”

The WPA is grateful for the work that has been done by Mr. Tyree on the WCBS board over the past two years and does thank him for all his efforts. “Bearing in mind the historical significance of North America where Pool is concerned, we do appreciate the efforts of Mr. Tyree in creating a more extensive platform for Pool in the continent and will support his work as much as we possibly can”, Mr. Ishaun Singh, the President of the WPA remarked.

Mr. Tyree has been replaced by Mr. Barry Jenner from Australia, which in turn means that from now on two of the three WPA representatives on the WCBS Board of Directors, are from “down under”. Bearing in mind that the 2032 Olympic Games will take place in Brisbane Australia, this is not without reason. Mr. Jenner is already serving the WPA as its pro bono legal advisor and is the President of Cue Sports Australia. As such he has already established contact with the Australian Olympic Committee and the Brisbane Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.

“I very much look forward to be able to work with the other members on the WCBS Board of Directors and am very grateful for the trust that the WPA has bestowed upon me, and the opportunity to do whatever I can to add Billiards Sports to the Olympic Program when Brisbane will host the Games in 2032, and beyond.”

WPA Pool | Barry Jenner replaces Shane Tyree on the WCBS board.

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WPA Pool | Barry Jenner replaces Shane Tyree on the WCBS board.